Free to join

Our club has no fees to join. Completely FREE

No mandatory meetings

You have a life, and we understand... we do too!

Laid back atmosphere

We are calm, laid back individuals. We will never be judgemental, arrogant or condescending towards you.

Willing to help beginners

Our goal is to give you the information you need to start flying immediately.

The Best RC Foam/Electric Model Airplane Website for Long Island

Start flying Electric/Foam RC Airplanes on Long Island

We have assembled this site specifically for people on Long Island who are looking to fly foam and electric RC model airplanes. This site is meant to be a useful resource to those of you who are looking into joining the RC airplane hobby or wish to learn more about it. We have information on flying sites across Suffolk county and Nassau county Long Island, along with reliable vendors, flight training, airplane assembly and many other useful pages of information.

We are quite a bit different than the traditional RC clubs you will find on Long Island. We view RC planes as a hobby and we understand that those of us living on Long Island have busy schedules and many other responsibilities. We encourage everyone to operate autonomously, on their own schedule, and in their own way. In other words, we run this "club" in a way that does not consume excessive amounts of time. There are no mandatory meetings, and meetings are held at the field, prior to scheduled flight outings. This prevents the need for you to take additional time out of your week, when you could spend it doing more important things. There are no club fees, no waiting lists, and no more barriers to prevent you from taking to the skies. We hope you enjoy the site, and feel free to enter our forums if you'd like to communicate with us.

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