Chargers and Batteries for your Electric RC Airplanes

Electric radio controlled airplanes rely on batteries to power their components. Here is a list of some popular choices for powering your model RC equipment.

LiPo battery for electric model airplane

Sky Lipo Batteries

These batteries are low cost and seem to hold up pretty well to our casual usage. I've linked to the 30C variants of this battery, as this is probably the most popular variant and tradeoff between weight and discharge rate.

LiPo battery for electric model airplane

Turnigy Nanotech LiPo Batteries

Turnigy Nanotech batteries have become very popular, in part to both their cheap prices and ability to perform very well under high loads.

charger for LiPo batteries, used with RC airplanes

Thunder AC6 Charger

If you are a casual flyer, you probably won't be charging your batteries at the field. Most of us charge our batteries at home. In these cases, the Thunder AC6 is a reliable and easy to use charger. The price is very reasonable and it has the added bonus of being able to plug directly into your wall.

charger for LiPo batteries, used with RC airplanes

Detrum Chargers

While it does not come with an AC adapter, these chargers are probably the cheapest ones out there that also won't burn your house down or ruin your battery. They work reasonably well, and are available at a very low price.

universal RC charger

Universal DC Charger

This can be used with the above Detrum charger, as well as many other LiPo chargers. Just set it to 15v, and you now have an acceptable AC power source for your charger.

Meter for measuring the battery level of your RC airplane

HobbyKing Battery Meter

This very basic and cheap battery meter will plug into the balance plug on your battery and instantly give you a voltage read out. It will give you readings per cell, then give a total voltage.

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