Electronic and Mechanical Parts for RC Airplanes

For many of the mechanical and electronic RC airplane parts, you definitely get what you pay for. If you pay a lot of money for an ESC or a servo, you'll probably get a model with a very low failure rate that holds up well under stress. If you buy a very cheap model, the result could be catastrophic. That being said, we do fly foam planes that are relatively cheap, and it really wouldn't make sense to buy some of the higher end equipment. The items listed in this section are what we deem "good enough" to get the job done, without costing a lot of money. There are certainly better brands/models, but these are what we found to be the most cost effective.

ESC for electric airplane

Exceed/Pentium ESC

These ESC's from Exceed are rebranded pentiums and are widely acknowledged as being perfectly aceptable devices. As long as you give the ESC ample headroom (go for a higher rated amperage than what you need), and they should work great.

servo for radio controlled airplane

HXT900 Servo

These 9g servos are dirt cheap, but have a very high reputation as being a well manufactured servo. While they are still plastic, they perform admirably under stress.

servo for RC plane


If you want a 9g metal gear servo, this is a very good product that is not excessively high in price.

servo speed adjuster for model aircraft

Turnigy Servo Slower

This product is great if you have servo powered retracts. It creates a nice effect and prevents your retract servos from stripping.

V-tail mixer for radio controlled planes

V-tail Mixer

If you don't have a Transmitter that can do any sort of mixing, then you will need a product such as this. You would need a V-Tail mixer if you had only two servos for both elevator and aileron movements... or you might only have two control surfaces, like with the B-2 spirit (stealth bomber).

Servo extension connector kit for radio controlled planes

Servo Extension Kit

This is a very useful servo connector kit from Hansen Hobbies. You can use this to make servo extension wire for your RC airplane. They even have an included video to help guide you throught he process.

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