Beginner Electric RC Model Airplanes

This is a very tough category to give recommendations on, simply because there are so many good choices for first time flyers. You'll want an RC plane that practically floats in the air, holds up to punishment,and is easy to buy replacement parts for. The level of preparation and simulator practice can also have a major impact on what your first plane should be. Most people who put a decent amount of time in a good simulator can jump straight to a 4 Channel plane. Others might be better off going with a 3 channel plane. A few daring individuals have even jumped straight into a warbird trainer (like the T-28).

Its recommended that you find someone who knows the hobby to help you pick out your first model airplane. It is even better if that person can help train you and teach you the many things you need to know. Some other clubs offer such services. If you choose to go at it alone, try following the instructional section on this site. With that information, and a good simulator, you should be able to jump right into one of the following planes.

Long Island RC model airplane

HobbyZone Super Cub

The HobbyZone Super Cub is a 3CH trainer that is probably one of the easiest RC airplanes to start flying with. The "high wing" configuration of this plane will exhibit many self correcting features which will help a beginner maintain a stable flight. There is also an abundance of spare parts for most HobbyZone planes, as they are carried in many hobby shops. The only major drawback to this plane is its succeptibility to harsh weather. Since we live in a coastal region, Long Island can oftend be a windy place. Light 3CH planes like the HZ Super Cub should not be flown in high winds, especially by beginners.

electric radio controlled model plane

Dynam Hawk Sky

The Dynam Hawk Sky is one of the most popular 4 CH trainer airplanes. The Hawk Sky is an electric glider with very smooth and stable flight characteristics. Its one of the lowest price novice planes, and the RTF package comes with a decent transmitter and battery. The range of this plane is really something, as you can coast at 5-10 mph, or fly at a fast 35-40 mph. The Hawk Sky also offers a good growth opportunity - after you've mastered gliding, you can saw off the wing edges and have a plane that easily rolls.

beginner RC airplane

HobbyKing Bixler

The HobbyKing Bixler is very similar to the Dynam Hawk Sky. It offers many of the same qualities, but with a slightly bigger wing area and smaller engine, its more difficult for the pilot to put himself in real trouble.

2.4 Ghz RC model airplane

Dynam T-28

If you have alread tried a trainer airplane, and flew it well, you may have the itch to fly one of the more agile warbirds. If that is the case, I think the Dynam T-28 is an excellent first warbird. Its flight is very stable, its inexpensive and the transmitter in the RTF bundle is completely usable (unlike many other RTF transmitters). The only drawback is that the landing gear is a likely to break on you if you crash it, or have a hard landing... and if you are a beginner you may have quite a few rough landings.

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