Software and Training Courses for RC Airplanes

Flying RC planes isn't something you just jump in to. Some training and education is necessary to prevent you from destroying your brand new model airplane and/or hurting people. I highly recommend buying a flight simulator, and putting at least 10-20 hours in before you actually go out flying. You may want to take a more detailed materials course, like the one offered by RC powers, before you perform your first build.

RC simulator

Phoenix V3.0

This simulator is probably the best choice for a foam RC pilot like yourself. The physics tend to be a little on the floaty side, but that isn't all that dissimilar to how many of the foam planes react in real life (especially the beginner planes). There is a wide selection of foam/electric RC aircraft that is locally available, along with helicopters, gliders and other forms of aircraft. The only big problem I've noticed with this simulator is that it doesn't simulate stalling. In fact, its very difficult to stall, which is the opposite of how things really are. Otherwise, the flight dynamics are spot on for most planes.

RC Airplane simulator

RealFlight G6

RealFlight G6 is a very good simulator, especially for larger aircraft. There is a very wide selection of user created models out there, allowing you to find and fly many real life models in the simulator. The big drawback to RealFlight is the lack of foam aircraft. For a foam flyer, it simply does not have the same selection as Phoenix V3.0

Computer controller for RC model airplane training

E-sky USB controller

The E-Sky 4CH USB controller has proven to be a popular choice for most beginners. Many flyers are unsure whether they will truly be interested in the hobby, and don't want to drop hundreds of dollars on simulators and transmitters. The E-Sky controller is a good choice to use with some of the "free" simulators out there, and even with programs such as Phoenix. The alternative to this controller is that you buy a real transmitter, one that possibly costs quite a lot of money.

Long Island foam flyers recommended RC plane course

RCPowers Parts and Building Course

The guys at RCPowers offer a very comprehensive course on RC airplane construction, parts and materials. Their main focus is on building your own model airplane, but the course is generally useful to everyone. They explain every component and part in detail, and the course is a great way to educate yourself about how everything works.

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