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Heckscher State Park RC Model Airplane Field

With a proper permit, you can fly your model airplane on the water adjacent flying field at Heckscher State Park. The cost of the permit is $40. The field is open for flight for the entire year, however bugs may be a problem in the summer time. While the field isn't very large, you will have as much space as you need while flying over the water. You must be an AMA Member in order to get the permit. There are fees to enter the park, during park hours, so it might be worth it to buy the Empire Passport if you will be making repeated visits.

If you have any questions about permits regarding these parks, you can call the NYS Park permit office at the phone number: (631) 669-1000

CLICK HERE to download the permit form for the NY State Parks.

You can use this permit application for any four of the NY state parks, and you must apply for a permit for each individual site. Each site requires an additional payment. The Sunken Meadow permit is valid only from November 1st the March 31st, while all others are valid for the calendar year (they are issued from January 1st to February of the next year). You must have an AMA membership number to apply for a permit (make a copy and submit it with the permit application). You can mail this form, with a check, to the following address:

NYS Parks
P.O. Box 247
Babylon, NY 11702
Attn: Permit Office

Your checks will be made payable to:
O.P.R. & H.P. - L.I. Region


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