Long Island Electric RC model Airplane Flying Sites

We would like to provide all the information you need to find a flying site and get the authorization you need to fly without any hassle. There are several good locations throughout Suffolk and Nassau County Long Island. In general, you will find that you need the following to be permitted to fly at most locations:

  1. A flying permit for that park (ranges from $15-$40 for the year/season)
  2. An AMA membership. This provides insurances in case you damage property or injure someone. You can get the membership By Clicking HERE.
  3. A pass to get into the park, like the Empire Pass.. or you can simply pay the one time admission.

A list of state parks openly available for anyone to fly at are:
*Bethpage State Park requires that you pass a flight test before you are given a pilot ID.

If you have any questions about permits regarding these parks, you can contact the NYS Park permit office for more information and details. You can reach them at the phone number: (631) 669-1000

CLICK HERE to download the permit form for the NY State Parks.

You can use this permit for any four of the NY state parks, and you must apply individually for each permit. The Sunken Meadow permit is valid only from November 1st the March 31st, while all others are valid for the calendar year (they are issued from January 1st to February of the next year). You must have an AMA membership number to apply for a permit. You can mail this form, with a check, to the following address:

NYS Parks
P.O. Box 247
Babylon, NY 11702
Attn: Permit Office

You checks will be made payable to:
O.P.R. & H.P. - L.I. Region

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